Chairman NGI

Mr. P. K. Uppal

Chairman NGI

NGI is the best education providers in the AKTU system. Our results are exemplary both from the point of view of pass percentage as well as from the placement perspective.

NGI is established to provide quality education, relevance, customer needs, and service to the society etc.Globalization has brought in its wake an emphasis on consumer concerns, such as quality (quality assurance is the need of the hour for continuous up gradation), infrastructure, teaching learning processes. Economic restructuring of any country heavily depends on the institutions performance and technology driven teaching and latest teaching practices

NGI has introduced many such practices to develop young students as engineers to meet the demands of the society. We believe that one should have good education in Science and Technology. Our present aim is to provide high-class engineering education to the student community and we are committed to do it.

At present science is preoccupied with understanding and explaining, while engineering is concerned with doing, realizing and implementing. Thus, the aim of future engineering education should be the integration of knowledge, skills, understanding and experience. It has been noted that Nanotechnology, Computers, and Information Technology will be the main technology drivers in the present era, with Materials Science as an important area in the futuristic education. NGI is planning to start new courses in these fields. Every engineer produced from Neelam College will emerge as a problem solver.

We concentrate not only on analytical skills but also on the design aspects integrate with mathematics, basic sciences, and engineering sciences to meet specific needs. Our students are creative and highly professional. We also give training in computer-assisted simulation, similitude, techniques of engineering approximations, multi-criteria decision making, basics of business, professional ethics and laws pertaining to intellectual property rights etc. We are sure that the knowledge up-gradation will be possible only by research and development. We believe that R&D will create new knowledge and develop the old knowledge in a novel way. We support both faculty and students do carryout research in the advanced fields of engineering.

Our key strength lies in faculty selection and object oriented delivery. We have a very rigorous faculty recruitment process. Faculty interviews are conducted by the best selection boards in the country. Invariably these boards have members from the reputed Institutions. Only about 5-10% of the applicants are finally selected. This rigorous procedure brings in the best faculty in the AKTU system. NGI provides an educational experience that is at once enriching, empowering and enlightening. Students at Neelam College can hold their heads high in the community of engineers.