That ragging is totally prohibited in and outside the institute and anyone found guilty of ragging and/or abating ragging whether actively or passively is liable to be punished in accordance with UGC regulations on curbing the menace of ragging in higher educational institution 2009.
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Vice Chairman`s Message

The biggest challenge for the present and the coming generation is to manage knowledge along with their trends and traditions. The selection of an institute where you will pursue higher education and which would provide you the platform from where you will embark on your first journey towards your career, is a critical decision of your life. You need to take into account several factors, like professional ethics, mentoring and character building, knowledge development, social development etc. The most defining ones being teaching learning process and academic ambience.

Focus and Force decide the success of any enterprise! At Neelam College of Engineering & Technology the focus is set to reflect national and international needs. The teaching staff at Neelam College are handpicked to inspire the students to perform by setting example and leading from the front.


The infrastructure and laboratory equipment are world class and industry standard.
For Management at Neelam College, students’ success is primary.
For us your success is a passion.

Welcome on board! Celebrate your success.
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