That ragging is totally prohibited in and outside the institute and anyone found guilty of ragging and/or abating ragging whether actively or passively is liable to be punished in accordance with UGC regulations on curbing the menace of ragging in higher educational institution 2009.
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Research and Seminars
Proactive Education
      Research and Seminars

Sectoral Analysis

In the Fivth semester, students prepare a detailed sectoral analysis to be evaluated out of 100 marks. This project helps them increase their understanding of the marketplace as well as share that knowledge with the rest of the students.

Mini Seminars

These are held once a month. The guest lecture team calls upon speakers from industries to address the batch on contemporary and relevant issues.

Summer Internship

In the months of April and May, students go through a summer training programme with an organization to get hands-on experience of current business practices.

Live Project / Case Development

In the sixth semester, students get a chance to put their learning into practice. For 4 weeks, students work in teams to conduct on-site research with companies. They then return to the campus to prepare their analysis or case for presentation to the company`s senior management, or NCET faculty.


At NCET, students are entrusted with the responsibility of organizing on-campus seminars and events. World-renowned professionals in their field are invited to address the student body on contemporary issues and to share their experiences. Students are required to work in various teams and showcase their abilities of co-ordination, time management and organizing events.

Guest Lectures

At NCET, it is our endeavor to take leadership concepts beyond the textbooks. As a part of our initiative, we bring stalwarts of the industry to our institute and give the guests an opportunity to share experiences in their field of expertise.

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