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Mechanical Engineering.

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (Seats 60)

Mechanical Department owes to itself a strong strength of well-qualified and experienced Faculty members, most of them having a sound industrial and academic quintessential balance to impart the students, thorough knowledge of the subjects. The team is committed to pass on the rich attributes of engineering and culture together, so as to ensure true overall development of the students.

 To enrich the students in practical understanding of the subjects, the Department consists of well equipped and well maintained laboratories which are necessary to blend the theoretical and practical aspects of engineering.

1. Basic Thermodynamics Lab:-
This lab has been specially developed for the second year engineering students of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering branches. Special features of this lab are: Technical charts for machine elements, models for water and fire tube boilers and boiler accessories. Models for four and two stroke cycle engines, refrigeration and air-conditioning test rig, steam engine model, gas turbine model, Engine test rig etc.

2. Fluid Mechanics and Machinery Lab:-
This lab is well equipped with following equipments for carrying out experiments in the subject viz., Metacentric height apparatus, Reynolds apparatus, Bernoulli’s apparatus, Calibration of venturimeter and orifice meter apparatus, and various pressure measuring devices. The laboratory is also equipped with the experimental setups of Pelton wheel turbine, Francis turbine, etc to impart the student a hands-on experience of these Hydraulic Machines.

3. Material Science Lab:-
This lab is well equipped with equipments for carrying out practical on Universal testing machine, Rockwell hardness tester, Erickson cupping testing machine, destructive testing facilities such as Impact testing machine( Charpy and Izod test),. The Laboratory has a furnace of its own, to study the Heat Treatment processes of steel.

4. CAD-CAM Lab:-
This is an advanced lab catering the needs of the students in the field of computer aided design and engineering. The lab is well equipped with latest CAD software, AUTOCAD 2008. In all, there are 50 workstations with latest software and hardware configuration along with LaserJet printers.

5. Dynamics of Machinery Lab:-
This lab covers study of static and dynamic loads on elements using various experimental setups such as static and dynamic balancing machine, whirling of shafts, shock absorber test rig, different types of governors, gyroscope etc.

6. Automobile Engineering Lab:-
This lab caters the need of students in the field of automobile engineering. This lab has of 4-stroke, 4-cylinder petrol engine test rig, 4-stroke 4-cylinder diesel engine test rig, Solex and SU carburetor, Fuel pump and fuel injector, Battery and Magneto ignition system, Assembly-Disassembly working model of 1-cylinder diesel engine, Radiator cut section, Exhaust gas analyzer etc.

7. Heat Transfer Lab:-
The heat transfer lab consists of various experimental setups to study heat transfer phenomenon such as Conduction, Convection and Radiation to find the respective heat transfer coefficients.

8. Metrology Lab:-
This lab is developed to acquire basic knowledge in measurement systems used in industrial manufacturing. Lab is well equipped with all measuring and quality control instruments such as Auto collimator, Gear form tester, Profile measuring projector, Optical microscope, slip gauges, vernier caliper, micrometer screw gauge etc.
In this we use different process like surface finishing, drilling, etc. to prepare the product using lathe machine, drilling machine.etc.


1. Engineering Graphics Lab:-
In this lab we teach the students to make and realize engineering drawings of various variety of solids and components of machine parts.

2. Engineering Mechanics lab:-
In this lab we carry out the study about the mechanisms of various forces applied and studied in engineering field.

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