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Corporate Presentation
Proactive Education

      Corporate Presentation

Present era is of technology. Everyday a new technology hit market. So in such competitive and changing environment it becomes very important for students to remain in touch with corporate. To ensure updated knowledge of our students about new trends and technology, we regularly conduct corporate presentation in which expert from various field enlighten student about latest technology and trends. Apart of it they also focus on the corporate environment. Such interaction with experts helps students to fit in an organization after competition of their course.

Few experts who shared their experience with us: -

·Mr. ParagGautam

      ( Speaker from SEBI, Government of India)

Importance on young investor

·Mr. Mukesh Sharma

    (Asst. Director MSMEAgra Branch, Government of India)

CAD, Casting and forging

· Mr. K M Soni

    (Manager MSME Agra Branch, Government of India)

CAD, Casting and forging

·Mr. Premkant Sharma



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